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Hawaii State Census Numbers Released

2010 Hawaii State Census Numbers:

(UPDATE… Please Note… the above data was pulled from Civilbeat.com however I actually got it through an RSS feed that Hawaii Free Press put out and I picked it up on http://thebigislandonline.com )

See the comments on this post for the dialog between me and Michael Levine from Hawaii Civil Beat.  I guess he is pissed and thinks I pulled the data from their site.

11 Responses

  1. Damon — Politics Daily wrote an interesting post a couple weeks ago when various media outlets failed to give credit for a scoop about Sarah Palin — give it a read: http://aol.it/gpjTey

    • I’m not a media outlet… nor do I pretend to be one.

      I wish I got paid like you guys for your “Stuff”.

      Me… I actually work for the Census Bureau and currently work for the Department of Commerce so actually have to hold back on some of the stuff I do actually know.

      • I understand your role, and enjoy what you do (you can tell I’m a “subscriber” by how quickly I commented to your post). I hope there’s always a place to acknowledge original reporting, if only because it helps support that reporting model — in this case, Civil Beat. I did see your comment below and appreciate your willingness to link to us. I also found it funny that you don’t link to Hawaii Free Press — is that because Andrew’s a Republican?

        • Andrew Walden has been directly linked to the start of the Birther theory and will not come clean with a few other things. Amongst others… coming clean with me.

          • Fair enough. Hope we at Civil Beat can stay on your good side! (though judging from your addendum to the post, maybe it’s already too late…)

            • You folks have been on my shit list since you started trying to charge folks for news. Now that you folks have loosened the grip… I’m starting to like you guys a bit. ;)

              I feel fortunate to be sponsored to blog… you guys get paid to blog write online by @Pierre!

              • One key difference between your blog and our news service is that we try to abide by standard journalistic ethics. Linking to sources who do the heavy lifting and writing clarifications sans passive-aggressive snark are two such examples.

                Keep up your invaluable work!

                • Your too quick!!! I normally always link to all of my sources and this one time you think I’m not is making me crack up… but so be it…

                  Passive-aggressive snark was not passive at all… I wish I had the funding, education and what not of you folks in the journalism world.

                  Me… I got to work a real job and just get to blog for a hobby!

  2. For those who are curious, these links are from Civil Beat’s exclusive story tonight:


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