Kamehameha Staff Member John Garcia in the Audi Social Media Campaign

As most of the readers of my blog know that I’m a proud parent of a Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estate (KSBE) student.

Recently, John Garcia, an online digital designer for KSBE has been selected as a finalist for the Audi Social Media Campaign where he could win $25,000 for a local charity.

Currently he is the leader in this global contest being run on Twitter and if we all can support a local braddah from Oahu… it would be cool!

LP. Neenz Falafeens writes:

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Retweet his original tweet or any tweet that contains #ProgressIs AND #DeskDiary hashtags.
  2. Increase the views of his #DeskDiary twitpic and share the link with your community.
  3. Watch his #ProgressIs video on YouTube and leave a comment.
  4. Write and publish a blog post, then share on Twitter with the #ProgressIs and #DeskDiary hashtags.

Each action earns John a different amount of points, so why not do them all.  Let’s keep him in the lead, not because he’s a friend, but that his qualifying tweet, “#ProgressIs remaining timeless in design, pure in performance, genuine in quality while innovating for the future” is the best entry.

You can view a quick video he put together here:


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  1. Mahalo for the post, Damon! I appreciate it!

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