Poetry Slam Fun in Volcano

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The Volcano Art Center’s popular poetry slam continues in 2011 in its new home, the Hale Hoomana Performance Hall Campus, 19-4074 Old Volcano Rd in Volcano Village.

The Art Center is again proud to announce that our Slam Emcee Kimberly Dark will be host for the majority of our Slams this year. “She is amazing at what she does and we could not ask for anyone better”,  Stated Dir. of Concerts and Performances David Wallerstein.

We are also excited to announce that Kona’s acclaimed poet and Slam host Sharon Olsen will be hosting our Slam on Friday, February 18.


Plus the man that has been called the “states unofficial slam poet laurete”, Kealoha will also host our Slam this year for the first time on Friday, March 18. Kimberly Dark will return from the Mainland and her busy touring schedule to host the Slam on April 15 and then the “Big Islands Voice”, Zach Street, will host our May 20 Slam. All will take place at the VAC Niualani Campus at 7:00 pm. It is an exciting year at the Art Center and we want the whole island to be part of it”.

The Volcano Art Center is one of the hottest venues in Hawaii for Poetry Slams and they are now being done every month. With nothing but a “mic” and their powerful voices, the Island of Hawaii’s inspiring poets, spoken word artists, and emcee recite their own original work.

The poetry slam adds a competitive element to the traditional poetry reading. At a slam, 5 judges assign a score to original poems performed without the aid of props, costumes, or musical accompaniment. Poets are judged not only on the content of their slam but the manner of delivery and passion behind their words. Please remember the slam genre merges the spoken word with dramatic presentation, which ranges from personal to the political, the poignant to the comedic. Poets cover a wide range of topics and are encouraged to write about anything that affects their heart and soul.

The rules for participating poets are: (1) bring 2 poems of your own construction but remember that not everyone advances to the second round; (2) make sure that no poem is longer then three minutes performed and if it is longer please remember that points will be deducted from your score; (3) Poems can be memorized or read but remember that there are no props, costumes, or musical accompaniment. (4) Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 finishers of the evening, cash prizes for first and second, and an art gift from the Volcano Art Center for third, forth, and fifth place.

“Volcano Art Center made a commitment to the Poets and fans of poetry on the Big Island to do a Slam every month and to be a place where poets of all ages can come and nurture their talent and explore the art of Written Words.” stated David Wallerstein. “It is our mission to be here for our artist, help them excel, and then to present their brilliant work to the public”.

Poetry Slam Dates are February 18, March 18, April 15,  May 20, June 24, July 22, and August 26 and each will have food available for purchase for fans and for “hungry poets”. All performances are at 7:00 pm and take place in the Niualani Campus Great Room…tickets are available on-line or at the VAC Niualani Campus Building or 1 hour before the performance at the Venue

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  1. Does the Slam continue? I’ll be on the big island in November, the 6th through 12th. Are there any readings at all then?

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