Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan… Inside the “Ronald Reagan Room”

Last year in July, I was invited along with a group of others to go fly out to the USS Ronald Reagan Aircraft Carrier out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Part of our tour was getting an exclusive look at the “Ronald Reagan Room” on board the  carrier.

We went inside a room that was about 50′ by 50′ and in the center of the room was this plaque of President Reagan’s face embedded into a piece of the Berlin Wall. 

The Berlin Wall was torn down his time in office and this was literally a chunk of the wall that was in the room with re-bar still in it and all.

The room itself wasn’t that big…

… but it was what was in that was so cool.  I was looking at official Presidential Documents!

It was a great time and I went with a great group of folks and it’s something I will never ever forget in my life!

And of course I won’t forget the fact that we missed the landing on the first attempt of landing on the carrier and had to blast off and land again the second time.

The best part for me though… had to be getting catapulted off this buggah!

So Happy Birthday you old Gipper!

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