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Mayor Kenoi’s Assistant “The Days of Running the County from 25 Aupuni Street are Over… Cookies and Coffee Were Paid for by Donations from Cabinet Members”

Videos courtesy of ArtTV via Randy Magnus Youtube channel:


My Yearly Mayor’s Rant:

Mayor Kenoi delivered the State of the County address twice on the same day last week… once in Kona and then again later in the day in Hilo.

Being that the Mayors Office  recently got equipment to make videos and are supposedly learning to use technology… I question why they don’t just do these type of things online.


I mean gas is pretty expensive these days and time is money as well… but being a government employee… I do understand the perks of getting things like mileage and travel expenses.  :roll:


If you go the Governors website… you can simply  click on the link and watch the State of the State Address that was done on January 24th.


On Big Island Video News I left the following comment:

I wonder exactly why he needed to deliver the State of the County Address Twice… when this is suppose to be a time of cost reductions?

Interestingly enough, Mayor Kenoi’s Executive Assistant Bobby Command returned the following comment:

Aloha Damon: The days of running the county from 25 Aupuni Street are over. This mayor has shown time and time again through his actions that he is the leader of the entire island, and not just Hilo. Community meetings, cabinet-level leaders from all over the island, being at as many places as possible throughout the week. It was delivered in Kona because it was the right thing to do. Also, FYI , the cookies and coffee were paid for by donations from cabinet members.


I still wonder why the State of the County wasn’t just done once… but no biggie. What I think is funny, is Bobby Command stating “The days of running the county from 25 Aupuni Street are over.”

I laugh because who wants to work at a place with a leaking roof anyhow?

“…County Public Works Director Warren Lee told the Hawaii Tribune-Herald that the new roof won’t be accepted as “complete” until the leak issue is resolved. Only then will the 10-year warranty start.”

Has anyone ever watched the Mayor Kenoi show.. or less yet would they admit to it? Is it even still on?

One Response

  1. It’s because he’s practicing (at our expense) for his future ambitions.

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