My Cousin Passed Away… The Granddaughter of the Father of Modern China Passes Away After Car Accident

I’m still learning about my connections with the Yat-Sen dynasty but I’m stunned to hear about this today:

Granddaughter of Sun Yat-sen, father of modern China, dies in Taiwan hospital a month after car accident – Xinhua

…It turns out I’m related to the Founding father of China: Dr. Sun Yat-Sen on my mom’s side.  :o

My Mom’s Brother is married to the Great, Great, Great Grand Daughter of Dr. Sun Yat Sen…. Mona Sen.

Her Mother is Rose Sen of Oahu.

Yes… I know he was the ultimate Commie… I just found this kind of weird and was able to verify things w/in the last few weeks…

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  1. That makes you my nephew once removed, I think. Rose Sun is sorta your aunt – she and her hubbie, Paul Tchang live in La Jolla…fyi. Pearl, Rose’s sister lives around SFO somewhere…FYI.

  2. Damon,
    As near as I can tell from a quick read of Wikipedia, Sun Yat Sen was not a Commie, but worked with them to achieve his goals, i.e., he was a good politician.

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