Hawaiian Helicopter Operators Discuss Issues and Concerns With HAI President

I got to ride on a helicopter last year with Howard Dicus courtesy of  Paradise Helicopters and that was an awesome trip.

I don’t mind the tourist helicopters as much as I mind the federally funded green harvest helicopters.

The yellow pouch is actually a life vest

It often seems like folks here on the Big Island mix the two up and tourist helicopters are taking the bad rap on things at times.

Howard Dicus and Paradise Helicopter owner Cal Dorn discuss the scheduled flight

The president of Helicopter Association International, Matt Zuccaro was on the Big Island recently to speak at the Aviation Issues forum, “a prestigious annual gathering of congressional, governmental, and aviation industry leaders hosted each year by the American Association of Airport Executives.”

…The tour operators Paradise Helicopters and Sunshine Helicopters discussed initiatives to support and enhance the air tour business with Helicopter Association International (HAI) President Matt Zuccaro during his recent visit to Hawaii.

Zuccaro met with Cal Dorn of Paradise and Sunshine’s Paul Morris to discuss a number of HAI initiatives to support air tours, including its ongoing discussions with the FAA, U.S. National Park Service, and representatives of environmental groups as part of the National Parks Overflight Advisory Group. That group was created to develop air tour management plans for national parks…

…In their meeting, the three also reviewed initiatives to enhance the safety of helicopter operations in Hawaii by fielding the greater air traffic surveillance and communications capabilities of the FAA’s Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast system (which is now operational in the Gulf of Mexico) and gaining funding and support for an integrated network of weather cameras on the islands.

Zuccaro updated Dorn and Morris on HAI’s efforts regarding legislative initiatives that would place unwarranted additional regulatory and financial burdens on the helicopter community…

Full article here: Hawaiian Operators Discuss Issues, Concerns with HAI President

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