Screw 3-D TV… Check Out the 4-D Movies at the Shops at Mauna Lani

About 10 days ago my wife, son and his cousin all went to the The Shops at Mauna Lani and we got to go on The Great 4-D Movie Ride.

The shops is currently offering a shop and ride special

Check out the stores for their individual offers

We were gonna go on the new Yogi Bear ride

But we arrived way to early for this movie and so we decided to watch the Legend of Skull Rock instead.

The ride itself is very similar to the Disneyland Ride “Bug’s Life” and you sit in chairs that full on have motion simulation that lines up with what’s going on in the movie.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out the Shops at Mauna Lani, it’s a great little place to bring the kids to play in fountains in the courtyard.

Here is the current movie play times:

Afternoon Schedule *Subject to change* Evening Schedule *Subject to change*
12:10 Yogi’s Wild Ride 5:00 Nat. Geographic Seamonsters
12:30 Nat. Geographic Seamonsters 5:45 Yogi’s Wild Ride
12:50 The Curse Of Skull Rock 6:05 The Curse Of Skull Rock
1:10 Journey to the Center of the Earth 6:30 Portal
1:30 Yogi’s Wild Ride 6:45 Journey to the Center of the Earth
1:50 The Curse Of Skull Rock 7:10 Nat. Geographic Seamonsters
2:10 Journey to the Center of the Earth 7:30 Portal
2:30 Nat. Geographic Seamonsters 7:45 Sub Zero
3:00 The Curse Of Skull Rock 8:00 Journey to the Center of the Earth
3:20 Yogi’s Wild Ride * 8:30 Yogi’s Wild Ride
3:30 Journey to the Center of the Earth
4:00 The Curse Of Skull Rock * Limited time offer:
Yogi’s Wild Ride will be FREE at 8:30 pm!
Call for details: 808 885-9501

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  1. This post was from 2011. As of 2016, The 4D Adventure Ride is still running at The Shops at Mauna Lani. The new direct phone number is 808-747-8544 and the website is . The hours have expanded with the theater and adjacent Fine Hawaiian Gift Gallery store open 10AM-9PM daily.

    As you might expect, most of the movies listed above are no longer there, replaced by new offerings including live-action 4D films made exclusively for the theater which highlight the fun and adventure of Hawaii. The theater was upgraded in 2014 with “CHOOSE YOUR RIDE”. Rather than a set schedule, movies are now on-request so you can walk in and if no one is ahead of you, you can choose the movie you want and see it immediately.

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