Puna and Pahoa… Early 2011 Legislative Bills

Taking a quick look at some of the early bills introduced with the keywords of Pahoa and Puna bring up the following bills that have been introduced so far:

1. HB322.DOC HB322 Status
Context:  …State do not have ready access to potable water.  There are approximately thirty thousand to sixty thousand persons in rural areas of Hawaii that rely on water catchment to meet their potable water needs, and the majority of households that rely on catchment water are located on Hawaii island in the Puna, Kau, and Hamakua districts.  The legislature further finds that federal moneys are available for local water supply projects through the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service.  The legislature finds that the provision of potable water to each populated area of the State offers the opportunity …
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Electronic File Date: 1/21/2011 4:13:50 PM

2. HB318.DOC HB318 Status
Context:  …shall be the vice director of civil defense.  The task force shall include the following members or their designee:      (1)  Mayor of the County of Hawaii;      (2)  The representative of the 4th representative district;      (3)  The representative of the 5th representative district;      (4)  The senator of the 2nd senatorial district;      (5)  Hawaii County Council members representing lower Puna and Kau;      (6)  Director of Hawaii county civil defense;      (7)  Director of Hawaii county department of public works;      (8)  East Hawaii chair of the department of education;      (9)  Chairperson of the board of agriculture;     (…
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3. HB695.DOC HB695 Status
Context:  …to other indigenous and minority populations, native Hawaiians have the highest rates of untreated medical and psychological conditions in the United States.  Recent concerns include the widespread impact of crystal methamphetamine addiction and related issues, which are especially prevalent in areas with a large native Hawaiian population, such as Waianae, Molokai, Waimanalo, Maui, Puna, and Kau.  The crystal methamphetamine epidemic, coupled with the economic and cultural distress of the native Hawaiian population, has created unprecedented demand for services from an already overburdened mental health system.  Further exacerbating the dire need for mental health treatment is the reluctance of individuals from …
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4. SB1116.DOC SB1116 Status
Context:  …the blood of the races inhabiting the Hawaiian Islands previous to 1778.] elected pursuant to section B(a) of this Act, as follows:      (1)  Two shall reside, and be registered to vote, on the island of Hawaii; provided that one member shall reside in east Hawaii in one of the districts of Puna, South Hilo, North Hilo, or Hamakua, and the other shall reside in west Hawaii in one of the districts of North Kohala, South Kohala, North Kona, South Kona, or kau;      (2)  One shall reside, and be registered …
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5. HB912.DOC HB912 Status
Context:  …Hawaii and natural energy laboratory of Hawaii authority, entered into on July 13, 2001, as “Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Site, Parts 1, 2, and 3”, more particularly described in exhibit A to that lease and shown on the map marked exhibit B to that lease; and      (2)  All fast and submerged lands situate at Kapoho, Puna, Island of Hawaii, Hawaii, identified in C.S.F. No. 18,422 (September 15, 1978) and on tax map key 1-4-01:1, and otherwise known as Hawaii geothermal research station.      In order to effectuate the foregoing conveyance, the natural …
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Electronic File Date: 1/24/2011 5:20:42 PM

1. SB1131.DOC SB1131 Status
Context:  …every county.  Unacceptable congestion currently occurs on Queen Kaahumanu highway and on Keaau-Pahoa road in the county of Hawaii, on Honoapiilani highway and on …Kealakehe Parkway Extension from Keanalehu Drive to Kealakaa Street.                Total funding                        $      (T)  Hawaii – Keaau-Pahoa Road shoulder lane conversion, Keaau Bypass Road to Shower Drive;… construction of the Keaau-Pahoa Road shoulder lane conversion from Keaau Bypass Road to Shower Drive.      …Total funding                        $      (U)  Hawaii – Keaau-Pahoa Road improvements, Keaau to Pahoa, phase I and II;…
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2. SB282.DOC SB282 Status
Context:  …A.   System improvements           Construction                $2,500,000           Total funding                              $2,500,000 2.   Volcano School of Arts and Sciences      A.   Seven new classroom buildings           Plans                         $308,950           Design                        $308,950           Construction                $6,179,000           Total funding                              $6,796,900 3.   Pahoa Elementary School, Hawaii      A.   Cafeteria           Plans and design              $900,000           Construction                $8,100,000           Total funding                              $9,000,000 4.   Naalehu Elementary and Intermediate School, Hawaii      A.   Administration and library building           Plans and design            $1,000,000           Construction                $9,000,000           Total funding                             $10,…
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Electronic File Date: 1/21/2011 7:35:28 PM

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