Ziplinegate – KapohoKine vs. Umauma

So just to let folks know… it looks like KapohoKine vs. Umauma Ziplines is going to be an interesting legal case if there even is a case made.

The notorious and very well known attorney Gerard Leeloy talked to me today off the record for awhile and just needed to get my view on things.  I appreciate him not attempting to throw me under the bus and just wanting to get to know me a bit better.  I told him I have nothing to hide.

This is the first time I’ve met him in person as I’ve only heard about him from some of the high profile cases that he has taken on.

I believe that he knows that I have done nothing wrong and I don’t believe I will be targeted for anything… although I may be called as a witness.  He didn’t mention anything about the letter I received asking me to remove the post from my blog either.

I’m not gonna blog too much about things as I hate pushing buttons that don’t need to be pushed at this time.  I did tell him I would be posting something about today’s meeting with him.

I  referred him to my website’s search engine and just to make it easier for everyone… I’ll simply share this link so anyone can see what I’ve written about Umauma Ziplines and that I believe I’m being as fair as possible in my reporting of what I have learned.

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  1. I’m surprised that the Umauma owners would want this to be made more publicized. You’d think that they would want to let this fade away and try to operate their ride as safely as possible. Word is there are communications between the Umauma owners talking about how they had to shut down the ride because they thought it was so dangerous. Maybe a court case will finally make all of this info public.

  2. He once tried t o sneak my brother into family court to testify against my mother in a custody battle. He tried to use the vulnerability of my brother at the time against my mother. He did not tell anyone he was going to use him as a witness, My own mother didn’t even know he was at the court house. A family friend came in and told her he was there. My mother asked for a recess (acting as her own lawyer) to talk to him. My brother stated that he was called by Leeloy and my father to “come down” to the hearing. DO NOT TRUST THAT MAN.

  3. What oink said!

    Who is Leeloy representing?

    I have a bad feeling that he didn’t tell you, or that you did not even ask…

    • Leeloy is representing Umauma.

      Leeloy was very upfront with me and in fact told me before we met that he knows my family and wanted to be very open and honest about everything.

      If we meet again… then I will be under oath.

  4. It sounds like he made a good impression on you and he seems to have gained your trust to some degree or you at least you think he bodes you no ill will. If that is the case you’ve been smoking crack. He is an attorney and as an attorney can’t be trusted at all. Don’t talk to him without your own lawyer present.

    • Leeloy has trust from many of us on the island because of the work that he has done in the past. He is known as the go-to lawyer.

      If I myself were to get a lawyer… he would be the one I would probably turn to.

      I don’t feel I was sucker punched and I feel that he just honestly wanted to get a feel for what I knew about things.

      Not all lawyers and attorneys are scumbags. I have a few of them listed on my site.

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