Ad Seeking Witnesses to the Colt Brennan and Shakti Stream Accident

I find this kind of bizarre that these attorneys have placed the following ad in the West Hawaii Today’s online newspaper seeking witnesses to the Shakti Stream and Colt Brennan Accident.

Looks like they are trying to suck every penny out of this situation that they can if you ask me… I probably would too if I were side swiped off the road and it wasn’t my fault!

4 Responses

  1. Shakti Stream almost got away with murder!

    Having thousands of pounds of steel her weapon of choice
    she chose to drive her SUV recklessly maybe even under
    the influence & the Hawaii police are still investigating two years later!

    What a joke!

    We want justice for Theresa Wang. Why is Shakti Stream allowed to
    be roaming free perhaps driving recklessly with no responsibility for
    almost killing a doctor. Hawaii police really suck! Shame on them!
    Shame on you Shakti you deserve hard time in prison to knock some
    sense into your little pea shaped brain!

  2. The severly injured woman that was struck is going to need every penny.

    • Agreed… but I believe all the witnesses have long came forward and they are wasting money on this ad.

      How much does a “Header Ad” cost to run for however long it’s running?

      This is money that could be put toward the victim in this case.

      I don’t think placing a high priced ad in a newspaper like this will bring forward any more witnesses in a case like this.

      I believe all witnesses have came forward already and more money sought seeking more witnesses takes away from the victim.

      • You’re an idiot!

        I’m sure if this was your family member you’d be singing another tune!
        Hawaii police are a joke! Maybe they spend too much time surfing.
        Do you realize that Doctor Theresa Wang was nearly killed with brain
        injuries dum dum? Do you even have a clue? Rejoin us in the real
        world when you exit la la land! Don’t worry about ads worry about
        whether all of us are really safe with Shakti driving down the Queen’s Highway. Last time I checked words can’t hurt you – a SUV barreling
        down causing a head on collision with thousands of pounds of steel will! Grow up!

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