Mom’s on the Road to Recovery… Getting a Gallbladder Removed

For the last few months my mother, myself and others have been a bit concerned about a rapid weight loss that she was going through.

She really had no idea what might have been going on as she thought she might have caught a parasite while she was in the Philippines a few months ago or even the thoughts of her having cancer again had crossed the minds of many.

A few days ago she was having serious troubles eating and it was very painful… so painful that she got checked into the emergency room.

Well of course I didn’t know anything about this until this morning… when I got a call from my mom, in the hospital, telling me that she had just had her gallbladder removed!

So I’ve spent my free time today investigating more about what getting a gallbladder removed means and further implications it may have with her and I’ve learned quite a few things.

The one thing that is very relieving to know… is that it’s actually fairly common for folks to have their gallbladders removed.

Here are a few quick facts I learned:

  • Gallbladder attacks are more common than you may think. Gallstones affect more than 25,000 million Americans with 1 million new cases diagnosed annually, according to the American Gastroenterological Association.
  • 500,000-700,000 gallbladder removals take place every year in the USA alone. And since the diet of the general American population is not improving, those numbers are rising.
  • Fats are important but it’s the right fats that count. If you are in pain now, try the beet recipe which calls for some flax oil
  • Research shows that a balanced diet high in unsaturated fats (essential fatty acids) may reduce risk of gallstones, especially in men

I’m just glad that it appears she is on her way to recovery and after spending some time with her this afternoon… I can tell she is already regaining her sense of humor!

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  1. Best wishes to both you and your Mom Damon. All will be well.
    Who me throw sticks and stones.

    The Lack

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