Former UH Swimmer Jamie Patrick to Attempt World Record Swim

Wow… this is pretty impressive! I couldn’t swim for an hour straight and this former UH Swimmer is gonna attempt to go for 60 hours and 240 miles!

In August of this year – Jamie Patrick will once again set the bar by testing the human will. He will swim an estimated 60 plus hours non stop down the Sacramento River in Northern California to set the world record for the longest non wetsuit swim in history.

Imagine: 240 miles of river. It isn’t hard, until you imagine yourself swimming in it. Without a wetsuit. The entire distance, without stopping. Eating as you go along, treading water, touching neither boat nor shore or person. But Jamie Patrick will do just that on August 18th: he will begin a swim that will last 240 miles from the origin of the Sacramento River to Sacramento itself…

More here – Former Hawaii Swimmer to Attempt 240 Mile Swim

On the website  “Swimming California” he has set up for this record attempt Jamie writes:

In August of 2011, I will conquer the longest non-wetsuit river swim in history.  I will begin this historic swim south of the dam at Shasta Lake, located south of the the Oregon Border and swim 240 miles south to historic downtown Sacramento.  My crew will guide me through two nights of no sleep.  The Sacramento River’s flow is determined by the amount of flow released from the dam.  Historically, August has a mild release but the amount of rainfall is a factor as well.  Based on calculations during this period last year, if I were to float and not swim at all it would take close to six days to reach Sacramento.  The temperature of the river varies from the start to the finish by as much as 18 degrees (55 to 72).  As I will not be wearing a wetsuit, the temperature at the beginning becomes a huge factor…

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