Hawaii Society of Professional Journalism Invites from the Big Island

I’m honored that the Hawaii Society of Professional Journalist thought enough of my blog to invite me to enter in their 2010 HSPJ Excellence in Journalism Contest despite me not even being a member of the society!

Here is a list of the other Big Island sites nominated invited to participate (Let me know if I missed someone):

To view the other Hawaii State nominees invitees,  go to www.betterbnc.com and click on Newspapers and Journalists Log in Here under the “Are you a contestant?”  then use drop down menu on site and go to: 2011 2010  HSPJ Excellence in Journalism.

6 Responses

  1. I’d like to know why my blog wasn’t included on this list. The SPJ did e-mail me and asked that I submit articles for consideration. I respectfully declined.

    I wonder if she wasn’t clear about this and it precluded my consideration?

    • I agree Aaron and think your site should be listed.

      Especially considering one of the sites that was selected is nothing more then a rumormonger site.

  2. Thanks for the correction and not typo… I totally type faster then my mind thinks at times. I knew it was Stephens Media… just type to fast to think about things at times.

    Best of luck with your site.

  3. I only see a “2010 HSPJ Excellence in Journalism” in that drop-dwon menu. ??

    • Click on that… and it will bring you to the 50 or so news/web sites that were contacted or some how put on this site.

      Doh – Fixed the typo on my site! Should be 2010

      I’m not sure what the criteria was to get listed.

  4. Congratulations!

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