The Mystery of the Kurtistown Ambulance

A reader of my blog sent me the following email and I was wondering if anyone had any specifics as to what may be going on here. I don’t live in that vicinity so I really don’t know how to assist.

…Since you report on many issues that happen in Hawaii or to you,  I thought you may be interested in this.  I live immediately off Hwy 11 near Kurtistown and have noticed that almost every morning at approximately 7:00 a.m. there is an ambulance either going up or coming down the hwy…. The time varies by about 5-10 minutes.  It just seems really weird and thought that if anyone could get to the bottom of this odd occurrence it would be you..The only thing I can rationally come up with is that there are a whole lot of accidents up there early in the morn..In that case, Hwy 11 may have taken over the top stop from Hwy 130.

So to the reader who sent me the email… thanks for pointing this out. I myself don’t know what is going on here… but maybe someone else might know and can comment on it.


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