Big Island Resident Len Horowitz Responds to the Wakefield Autism and Vaccine Fraud Claims

Autism study and research efforts into vaccines are nothing new – as concerns about Autism have always been linked by concerned parents. Today though, an investigative journalist says the former physician whose study purported to find a link between autism and toddler vaccines created an “elaborate fraud…”

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Autism Study: Autism Study Determined to be “Elaborate Fraud”

Horowitz actually tries to still defend his claim… even though the facts have now shown that this is a big fraud!


In the following video… we see former County Council Aid RJ Hampton talking with Horowitz about vaccines… I can’t believe so much wasted time and county money has been spent on this fraud so far!

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  1. Time and money are bad — lost lives are worse. This is another example of how the media fails to act responsibly: instead of saying “this is a lie. There _is_ no real controversy,” they did the “Some say…but some say…” thing.

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