Wordless Wednesday – Cane Spider?

Can anyone tell me if this is a “Cane Spider” that I just found outside my house?

This is the top of it

It was larger then a quarter and if you flattened it’s legs out it easily would have been as big as a half dollar coin.

This was the underneath side of it

I ended up killing it even though they say you shouldn’t kill spiders… I just had to!

7 Responses

  1. Damon,

    Here’s a horrifying photo of a cane spider:

    Be sure to click on the image for a much scarier version.

  2. They are not poisonous at all as far as I know. Plus, they hardly ever actually move. I had a bunch still in S. Kona, not as many in N. Kohala but they are still around.

  3. We always called them “Golden Garden Spiders” when we were growing up in Honokaa. Hardly see them anymore… They always built the coolest webs…

  4. Nope, you found a Argiope Garden Spider, I understand cane spiders are much larger.


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