The Mystery of the Disappearing Red Shrimp

I had about a dozen of these shrimp as pets but I didn’t know that they needed to have sunlight to live.  I had mine resting in one of our bathroom that get’s no sunlight and so mine died.  It seemed like they simply slowly disappeared in the tank one at a time.

My Opae Disappeared!

These legendary creatures may have something to teach us about survival, even as the clock is ticking on their habitats

“As a child in Hawaii, I grew up exploring. Those experiences shaped my direction and interest in science,” recalls molecular biologist Scott Santos. He remembers playing along the shore and swimming in the ponds imbedded in lava rocks.


…But, these inland lava depressions are disappearing, along with their unique inhabitants. “They are starting to vanish very, very quickly. Unfortunately, shoreline development is growing uncontrollably in Hawaii so we’re losing a lot of habitat,” notes Santos.

So, it’s a race against the clock to identify and study the legendary red shrimp and other creatures that manage to survive in this environment before it’s gone…

For full report check out: Disappearing Red Shrimp

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