Hello Kitty… The Restaurant – Makittii in Waikiki

So I have a new favorite restaurant in Waikiki and who would have thought it would be a place that basically caters to kids!

Makittii Restaurant in Waikiki is located at the intersection of Kuhio and Kanekapolei Streets where the former Percy’s Smorgasbord was located.

They have only been open for about three months now but I have the feeling it’s going to be a very successful place.  My lunch was about $20 bucks but I had all you can eat shrimp tempura, crab legs, steak and salads!

During dinner time they serve all you can eat lobster tails and even offer live abalone from the Big Island.

…Makittii Hawaii collaborates with the Big island Abalone corporation, and now offers live abalone sashimi or fried abalone with butter.

Abalone is farm raised with deep-sea water in these tanks…

They are still alive!

I’m going to make a point to eat here at least once each time I go to Waikiki from now on.

I didn’t have my camera with me when I went there today so I’m stealing pictures from their website.

5 Responses

  1. probably because the majority of meat was from kitties :)

  2. I used to eat at the buffet when it was called Smorgy’s. I haven’t been since to new owners.

    • I can honestly say that it has improved since Smorgy’s. I had a bad experience at Smorgy’s and told myself I wouldn’t go back… so I was very interested to find that the owners had changed along with the menu.

      I don’t know how these type of places stay in business sometimes… as I know for a fact that I ate more then my $20.00 bucks worth of food!

      I assume w/ the Hello Kitty/Sanrio backing… they can afford to take a loss on food products?

  3. Sorry, but given your history I’m compelled to ask: did they give you free lunch in exchange for a glowing review?

    • Nope… not a bit… I even gave more then 20% on the tip! I loved the place!!! Of course I love all buffets… But this Seafood Buffet was perfect.

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