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My 2011 New Years Resolutions… Well a Few

Well everyone is tossing out their resolutions so I thought I would toss out some of mine.

  • I resolve to figure out how to use Facebook and Twitter more effectively!
  • I resolve to continue to post once each day even if it’s just a press release or a youtube clip.
  • I resolve to give myself more time for my son’s activities.
  • I resolve myself to paying more attention to the part of the yard that is not seen by the general public!
  • I resolve to call my mom at least once a week to make sure she is doing ok.
  • I resolve to try and make more of the Big Island Internet Society Meetings then I have been able to make of late.
  • I resolve to become more open minded to “Apple” products.

I’ll end this now before I make a resolution that I really don’t want to!

Hello Kitty… The Restaurant – Makittii in Waikiki

So I have a new favorite restaurant in Waikiki and who would have thought it would be a place that basically caters to kids!

Makittii Restaurant in Waikiki is located at the intersection of Kuhio and Kanekapolei Streets where the former Percy’s Smorgasbord was located.

They have only been open for about three months now but I have the feeling it’s going to be a very successful place.  My lunch was about $20 bucks but I had all you can eat shrimp tempura, crab legs, steak and salads!

During dinner time they serve all you can eat lobster tails and even offer live abalone from the Big Island.

…Makittii Hawaii collaborates with the Big island Abalone corporation, and now offers live abalone sashimi or fried abalone with butter.

Abalone is farm raised with deep-sea water in these tanks…

They are still alive!

I’m going to make a point to eat here at least once each time I go to Waikiki from now on.

I didn’t have my camera with me when I went there today so I’m stealing pictures from their website.