My Top Adventures of 2010… Numbers 2 and 1

If you have been following my blog, then you will know that I have been counting down the top adventures that I got to go on this year.

So today I post #2 adventure which was having the opportunity to go up in a C-17 Military transport plane.

Me in front of the C-17 I would later fly in

Simulating an aerial drop over the Big Island…


Getting escorted by F-16’s

and then sitting in the cockpit of the plane when we landed!

The very next day… brought me to my #1 Adventure that I got to do this year and that was Landing on the aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan and Catapulting off!

The USS Ronald Reagan

This was definitely the highlight of the year as they literally caught us by a wire as we landed on the carrier… but only after we missed catching the wire the first time!

We missed the wire on our first approach and had to gun it off the end and try it again where we were successful on the second attempt.

It was an awesome experience as when we were leaving… they actually catapulted us off in a COD Jet.


Out of all the folks that got to go… I was the only one brave enough to ask the Commander of the USS Ronald Reagan for a Commanders Coin and he gave me one!

This was a great trip and I’m sure it’s a once in a lifetime that an ordinary joe blow like me… gets invited on these buggahs… So a big Mahalo to the Captain Kenneth Norton and the US Pacific Fleet for having me aboard!

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  1. Uh Damon, your escort was an F-16, not an F-15, very different aircraft. At least if you have the right picture there.

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