Wordless Wednesday – Seeking “David” From Punaluu in 1937

I noticed this on youtube today and thought I might be able to help the buggah find this guy.


This is from a home movie taken by my great uncle in 1937 on a Hawaii vacation. If you know anything about David, please send me an email at ccowan@memphismachinery.com.

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  1. Wow…this is pretty amazing…

  2. I received this via email from Kuhao Zane:

    That was David Kaapu of Punaluu Oahu he was a lawyer back in the day but their ohana was brought up like that cause the father refused modern amenities so they lived in hale pili but they were brilliant. There were two men from Punaluu like that him and Tommy Kanakaole’s father but they did not live off the grid like the Kaapu’s but they did do the malo thing. So to me that’s admirable to be able to bring up your kids like that and still have kids who are lawyers doctors teachers. It was not all fun and games they were the butt end of jokes and ridicule cause they did not conform.

  3. […] Also heʻs wanting to know who this is so if anyone has a clue check this link. […]

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