A Big Sigh of Relief… Or Should I Say a Big Scratch of Relief!

Well I can tell that I take after my mom and that I don’t go to doctors unless I’m on my death bed!

This being said… If you feel unhealthy… you should get medical treatment.

About 4 months ago I developed a rash near my waistline and I just figured it would go away.  Unfortunately for me… I guess when I was sleeping at night… it would get itchy and I would scratch the rash at night when I was sleeping without knowing it thus making it worse each night.

I really just thought I had a bad rash and thought it would go away…  but it just kept getting worse.   Despite the fact that I had insurance… I was convinced that I could heal myself somehow!

Well, my body has proved me wrong… and finally today I went to see a doctor and it turns out I got Nickel Dermatitis apparently from a pair of pants that I have.

I’ve been given lotions and itch relief medicine and the doctor said that I should be over the infection w/ in a few weeks!

The reason why I call this a big “relief”… is that my family does have a history with skin cancer… and that’s probably why I waited so long in the first place to see what this dang rash was… was the fear that I may have gotten skin cancer… a big relief heading into the new years!

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  1. Tsk, tsk, yes our family has had a whole history of all kinds of cancers, including skin cancers. But we always survive. Don’t know of any cancers that cause rashes though. Never heard of nickle dermatitus before. But good that you are listening to your mind saying “PAY ATTENTION TO THIS!!!!

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