Aron Abrams Dies on the Big Island of Hawaii

Wow… Aron Abrams passes away on the Big Island and NO one notices who he is!

Big Island police are investigating the Christmas Day discovery of a body in West Hawai’i as a coroner’s inquest.

At 7:45 a.m. Saturday (December 25), police and fire personnel responded to a report of a body at a Waikoloa resort.

The body was identified as 50-year-old Aron Abrams of Los Angeles.

An autopsy to determine the exact cause of death is scheduled for Friday.

Detectives from the Area II Criminal Investigations Section are continuing the investigation.

From his IMDB records:

Aron Abrams

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2009 Glenn Martin DDS (TV series) (consulting producer)
2007 I’m in Hell (TV movie) (executive producer)
2005-2006 Everybody Hates Chris (TV series) (co-executive producer – 10 episodes) 

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Oh, What a Knight (2005) (supervising producer)
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3rd Rock from the Sun (TV series) (co-producer – 16 episodes, 1999-2000) (producer – 1 episode, 2001) 

Mary Loves Scoochie: Part 2 (2001) (producer)
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Jackie of All Trades (2010) (written by)
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2005-2006 Everybody Hates Chris (TV series) 

Everybody Hates Drew (2006) (teleplay)
Everybody Hates Picture Day (2006) (story)
Everybody Hates Basketball (2005) (written by)
2004-2005 King of the Hill (TV series) 

Harlottown (2005) (writer)
Hank’s Back (2004) (writer)
2001-2003 Grounded for Life (TV series) 

SAT and Sympathy (2003) (written by)
Claudia in Disguise (With Glasses) (2003) (written by)
Tonight’s the Night (2003) (written by)
Don’t Fear the Reefer (2002) (written by)
Don’t Let Me Download (2001) (written by)
2000-2001 3rd Rock from the Sun (TV series) 

Mary Loves Scoochie: Part 1 (2001) (writer)
Glengarry Glen Dick (2001) (writer)
B.D.O.C. (2000) (writer)
1999 Big Wolf on Campus (TV series) 

The Bookmobile (1999) (writer)
1998-1999 Maggie (TV series) 

Don’t Quit Your Day Job (1999) (writer)
Black and White (1998) (writer)
1997 Fired Up (TV series) 

Ten Grand a Dance (1997) (teleplay)
Beat the Clock (1997) (writer)
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The Rules (1997) (writer)
1996 Bunk Bed Brothers (TV movie) (writer)
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1997 Fired Up (TV series) (story editor)

A Darkerview on “Ziplinegate” Oh the IRONY!

Geez… I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself involved in… but I’ll be posting more comments on this entire situation going on with the possible lawsuit against my blog when I know more status about it.

In the meantime, I’ll throw the attention to the latest blogger to give attention to this matter and that is Andrew Cooper over at The Darker View where he states in his post “Blogging and Libel“:

“…The ironic part is that Damon had previously given a great deal of positive press to this operation. This top banner on his blog even features a photo of Damon riding the Umauma zipline!..”

Damn Andrew… you really know where to sock me in the gut huh? Just teasing as I’ve previously stated this is one of the best pictures of me taken ever!

I’ll be changing my header in the next few days due to the recent things that have happened in the last few days.

A Big Sigh of Relief… Or Should I Say a Big Scratch of Relief!

Well I can tell that I take after my mom and that I don’t go to doctors unless I’m on my death bed!

This being said… If you feel unhealthy… you should get medical treatment.

About 4 months ago I developed a rash near my waistline and I just figured it would go away.  Unfortunately for me… I guess when I was sleeping at night… it would get itchy and I would scratch the rash at night when I was sleeping without knowing it thus making it worse each night.

I really just thought I had a bad rash and thought it would go away…  but it just kept getting worse.   Despite the fact that I had insurance… I was convinced that I could heal myself somehow!

Well, my body has proved me wrong… and finally today I went to see a doctor and it turns out I got Nickel Dermatitis apparently from a pair of pants that I have.

I’ve been given lotions and itch relief medicine and the doctor said that I should be over the infection w/ in a few weeks!

The reason why I call this a big “relief”… is that my family does have a history with skin cancer… and that’s probably why I waited so long in the first place to see what this dang rash was… was the fear that I may have gotten skin cancer… a big relief heading into the new years!

Top 10 Adventures in 2010… Numbers 6 and 5

Continuing on with my top 10 adventures in 2010 today brings us to adventures 6 and 5.

Coming in at #6 was having the chance to get up on stage with Third Eye Blind after the Don the Beach Comber’s Mai Tai Festival and Battle of the BBQ Contest at the Royal Kona Resort.

Not only did I get to watch them rehearse during their sound check I actually went on stage for about five minutes and caught some great pictures from that perspective.

The concert was actually after the Mai Tai Festival where Oahu bartender Christian Self walked away with a $10,000 check for the best Mai Tai.

It was a great day in that earlier folks had the chance to stuff themselves at the BBQ cook-off!

I’d like to thank the folks at The Royal Kona Resort for hooking me up with the above weekend!

Coming in at #5 was getting the opportunity to go up in a helicopter with Televisions own Howard Dicus and his wife and a Hawaii News Now cameraman.

Me, Howard Dicus and wife Bernadette and the Hawaii News Now Camerman

This was an awesome trip provided by Paradise Helicopters and the Big Island Visitors Bureau where we got a 3 hour customized tour of the Big Island! We started off down the Hamakua coast and made it almost as far as Waimea.

Just one of many waterfalls and valleys we got to see.

We then headed south and when we got to the active lava flows, we flew with the doors off of the helicopter so we could totally feel the heat of the lava flows.

Pu`u `O`o Crater

This was the first time that I had ever flew on a helicopter so it was quite an experience for me.

Howard on the other hand seemed like an old pro about it and even wrote on his blog posting “Up, up and away  over the Big Island“:

Many people say they won’t ride a helicopter because it scares them, but I have got to tell you that I find helicopter tours smoother and they provide better viewing of Hawaii’s beautiful scenery.

Bernadette and I took our first helicopter tour with Blue Hawaiian on Maui last year, and Thursday we toured part of the Big Island with Cal Dorn, owner of Paradise Helicopters. With us was Damon Tucker, who writes one of my favorite Hawaii-based blog…