Top 10 Adventures in 2010… Numbers 8 and 7

Continuing on with my top 10 adventures in 2010 today brings us to adventures 8 and 7.

So coming in at #8 was getting the honor to spend a weekend up on Oahu attending the 2010 Na Hoku Workshops and covering the Awards Ceremony.

This was an awesome weekend where I got to meet some of Hawaii’s top musicians culminating in the actual Na Hoku Awards show.

Carol Kai, Anuhea Jenkins and Kimo Kahoano

There were a few glitches in last years show that I have heard have been addressed and hopefully next years show will be a much better production.

I’d like to thank the Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts and others for hooking me up with this weekend.

Coming in at#7 was getting the opportunity to go aboard one of the largest trauma facilities in the United States… The USS Mercy.

The USS Mercy was in Pearl Harbor for a few days and I was invited aboard to visit the ship and see this world class Navy Ship in operation before it headed on to Guam.

The ship itself is a converted oil tanker!

One of my favorite facebook pictures comes from this trip and that’s this one below:

Picture courtesy of Jasmine Guevara

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