There Goes Another News Reporter… Pfft!

A few of us local bloggers have been following the case of Paul Curtis who decided to plagiarize a local blogger.

Kauai blogger Andy Parx writes in his post Happy Trails:

…But our skepticism regarding a certain intrepid, red-suited, north pole denizen got a challenge with the news that the local newspaper’s courts and police reporter, Paul Curtis, is apparently no longer in their employ

This pretty much stems from what appears to be many things that Curtis has wrote about, but the straw that appeared to break the camels back, was when Curtis attempted to plagiarize Kauai Attorney and blogger Charlie Fosters post that he posted a few years ago about “Local Activist Sues Over Villages at Poipu Development”, without giving credit to him.  Foster previously had joked on his site… “Now give me a monthly legal column

Merry Christmas to all… and to all a good night!

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