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This is a Message from the Damon Tucker Civil Defense – AVOID Ross Dress for Less!

The line to the cashiers at Ross was all the way back to the end of the store this afternoon!

I Guess I’m Gonna Get Sued… Or Something. Texas Attorney Contacts Me Regarding My Blog!

I received an email last night requesting my home address and no other reason why this person wanted it. I sent the person an email back asking why they wanted my home address and I found out this person is an attorney representing the Umauma Ziplines and his name is Robert Whitt.

Mr. Whitt is asking me to:

“…provide proof by December 31st, 2010, that you have fully complied with this letter and that you will continue doing so. If you continue making or posting derogatory statements or blogs about my client or otherwise do not comply with the demands made herein, you are advised that my client intents to vigorously pursue all legal remedies available to it.”

So I’ve been threatened with a lawsuit because of the post that I posted here on December 8th on the Umauma Ziplines, KapohoKine to Build New Zipline Course… Ends Affiliation With Umauma Ziplines Due to Safety Concerns.

You can read the letter he has threatened me with below here by clicking on it.

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I sent this letter and the threat that they have sent to me to KapohoKine Co-Owner Tony DeLellis and he responded:

“It’s all true.  put the letter on your blog.  that’s why there were pictures, and that’s why they went to the expense of replacing the cable.”

Attorney Whitt did send me a certificate that said they passed their zipline course safety inspection… however this date was on Dec. 21, 2010… long after I had posted my blog posting.

Here is a copy of that certificate I’ve circled the date in red:

Of course for me… the real pictures speak for themselves!

If this isn't a faulty line... I don't know what is!

I don’t have any plans on taking the post down… so I guess we will see what happens from here!