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Puna News is Back… Back in Time Should I Say? Thirteen Pages and How Many Authors?

Back in June I initially asked what was going on with the Puna News with my post, Puna News… Huh… Another Big Island Newspaper Down the Drain?

A few days later I got a letter from the proprietor of this paper stating this:

Hi Damon,

Yes, I think we have met–at least your name is familiar to me. As to the Puna News–Long story short, the poor economy hit. So, I’m trying to get it together to put on line. Not a blog or anything like that but the regular paper. Smaller sheet (81/2 x 11) so if a reader wants to print it out they can; full advertising, etc. I just need time which lately nobody seems to want to let me have. But it’s close and will be out this month–all things going right.

Well it looks like the Puna News is attempting to make a comeback.

I wished them the best of luck but I question this latest format of using .PDF files to try and spread the “Puna News” so to speak.  .PDF Files are so “old school” and not really news worthy… but so be it.

Best of luck and hope you can provide “NEWS”… and not just ads, astrology, and 13 pages of fluff… and only a few articles/ads to businesses with “REAL NAMES” that you can actually tie an article to!

In truth… If I wanted to… I could put out 13 articles/releases/pages a day on my website… but why go down that slippery slope?

The best thing they have on that… Is Tom Lackey’s Cartoon and a link to his site.

The thing is… Even Lack is faster then the Puna News and he’s already posted a new toon!

Well I can wish them the best with this new format… but I won’t be wasting my ink to publish their paper… I’m not sure why anyone else would.  Ink is much more valuable then this news!

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