The Official Video of the Red Bull Cliff Divers in Hilo Finally Released

Red Bull finally released the “official” video of the dives that took place at the Red Bull Cliff Diving championships in Hilo a couple months ago.


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  • 2010 Founder’s Day at Kamehameha Schools Hawaii Campus

    Today was Founder’s Day at Kamehameha Schools Hawaii.  It was a day to honor and remember Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop for what she founded a long time ago for the keiki of Hawaii.

    A special "Mahalo" to artist-historian and author, Herb Kawainui Kane, for granting permission to Kamehameha Schools Hawai'i to use his paiting entitled "Bernice Pauahi Bishop" to grace the coer of today's Founder's Day program.

    I didn’t make it to last years program so this was the first Founder’s Day that I had attended.

    It’s pretty cool to see all the kids dressed in the exact same outfits!

    The kids are taught to walk with their hands behind their backs in a position when they are walking from one class to another, this is known as “Butterfly Hands”.

    My son was stoked to see me!

    My son seems to be pretty well known on campus as even the folks in administration know him (not sure if that’s good or bad though :roll: )

    Headmaster Stan Fortuna reaches out to my son

    The program itself lasted about an hour long… but the time seemed to go by much faster then it really did as the program just moved along at a fast pace.

    I truly feel blessed that my son was one of only 20 boys on this island to be accepted into this prestigious school.