Newspapers… Please Give Credit to Bloggers When Due!

This goes under the “stupid media” category.  Why would any journalist of a major newspaper copy something from a blog word for word is beyond comprehension to me, especially when that blogger is an attorney!

Well I could see them copying something word for word and at least give him some sort of credit for it… but in this case no credit was given to the blogger who did the initial research.

Well that’s the dilemma attorney and blogger Charley Foster has found himself in as folks have been telling him that he was plagiarized.  It appears that journalist Paul Curtis used Fosters material word for word from a previous post that he had written over 2 years ago in his article in the Kauai Newspaper,  “Judge: Hapa Trail belongs to State

Foster writes in his post The Highest Form of Flattery, Maybe? :

…Hey, I’m happy for the paper to reprint anything I’ve written on Planet Kauai. But I’d appreciate a little nod. Something along the lines of, “According to Kauai attorney and legal blogger Charley Foster…” would be nice.

I would tell Foster that he should get an attorney… but then I remembered he is one!

This of course wouldn’t be the first time someone in the local newspapers has plagiarized something from online with out giving credit to the source.

Star-Bulletin writer Tim Ryan was fired from the paper when it was discovered he was plagiarizing from Wikipedia!

Stephens Media is going after Bloggers who use even a little bit of content from their newspapers… maybe us bloggers need to figure out a way to protect our writings from being plagiarized in local newspapers.

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