So I Took My Wife Ziplining for Her Birthday

Today is my wife’s birthday so I took her and a couple of her friends Ziplining at the World Botanical Gardens!

This wasn’t the original Ziplining trip that I had planned, as I was going to take them to the much scarier Umauma ones… however those ones recently were closed due to safety reasons!

This clip is the last zipline there a dual track zipline that’s about 1100 feet long.


After we went ziplining… I tried to take her to the Sig Zane Store to give her a new dress… but they were closed so she will get a rain check on that!

Then we went to Cafe Pesto for lunch where I ordered this Classico Pizza.

Another Highway 130 Wreck

Well I just passed another Highway 130 wreck!  This one happened at the intersection of Highway 130 and Ainaloa Boulevard around 1:00 today.

It appeared that the red SUV above rammed into the back of this black car below.

Police officers were not on the scene yet… of course.  :roll: