Accident Investigation and Video of the C-17 Crash at the Alaska Airshow

The Pacific Air Forces released the following releases about the C-17 crash at the Alaska Air Show that happened 10 days after I rode in a C-17.

Pacific Air Forces: Accident Investigation Board Reports

Initial Press Release on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson C-17 Globemaster II Incident of 28 July 2010

USAF Aircraft Accident Investigation Board Report Executive Summary for Incident of 28 July 2010

Video of Incident of 28 July 2010 (C-17A, T/N 00-0173)

The video above cuts off right before the impact but you can still tell the plane is going down fast and furious!

The video below is from when I got to sit “shotgun” or in the cockpit of the C-17 when it landed in Kona.


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  1. Whoah! That’s a little scary. By watching the video, we can really say that it’s going down faster than normal speed. By clicking the link I’ve seen that C-17 is quite big. I never thought that its size is like that. I bet it’s really useful for them and difficult to destroy.

    So, the accident investigation board was maybe right of finding out that its mishap was pilot error.

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