Abercrombie Nominates State Sen. Russell Kokubun as Chair of the Department of Agriculture

Governor Elect Neil Abercrombie nominated 5 more folks to his cabinet today.

Director nominees include:

  • Bruce Coppa as director of the Department of Accounting and General Services.
  • Keali’i Lopez, Director of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
  • Fred Pablo, director of the Department of Taxation
  • Sunshine Topping as Director of Human Resources Development
  • State Sen. Russell Kokubun as chair of the Department of Agriculture

I have to wonder who Abercrombie will elect to replace Kokubun in the State Senate as Abercrombie, as the Governor, has the power to do that.  This is the second Big Island Senator that has been selected to join the Governor Elects cabinet as last week it was announced that State Senator Takamine was selected to his cabinet as well.

I fired off the following email to Lorraine Inouye a few days ago and I have not yet received a response and my email has not bounced so I’m wondering about the silence in the response to this email?

Aloha Lorraine,

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one as usual this year.

I have a question and many folks have been tossing your name out there in speculation of Takamine joining Abercrombies cabinet.

If Governor Abercrombie asked you to fill State Senate District 1 would you be willing to take on that leadership role at this time of your life?…

I think I know of a few folks that would like to take Kokubun’s as well as Takamine’s former positions in the Senate.

Hawaii Fire Department Saves Santa… The 2010 Pahoa Christmas Parade

The 2010 Pahoa Christmas Parade was today and everything was great until the end when the truck carrying the float that Santa was in overheated!

Folks just didn’t know what to do and Santa was stuck!

The parade had to go on so what did the Hawaii Fire Department do… they stepped up to the plate and gave Santa and the kids a ride down the rest of the parade route.

I hope no one gets in trouble for this, because if I remember correctly, the insurance on these fire trucks do not allow non-fire fighters to ride on them ever!

Once again it was another great parade that only happens in Pahoa!

You can click on the pictures below to open them up to a larger picture: