Freaky Friday: Mayors Kenoi and Carvalho Let Loose on Go!Mokulele Airlines

Well here is a strange video from the past.  It appears Mayors Kenoi and Carvalho had some fun on the Go!Mokulele inaugural flight last year.

You only get away with this type of stuff on airplanes when you are the mayor!

Hawaii inter island travel fun: Kauai County Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho, Jr., and Hawaii County Mayor William “Billy” P. Kenoi sing an Capella version of Ka Leo O Ka Manu on an inter island flight from Hilo to Honolulu.


By the way, Go!Mokulele is offering $29.00 flights to Molokai right now:

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  1. Relax, Damon:
    It’s obvious this was not a regularly scheduled flight as the video was clearly captioned as being an inaugural flight.
    When Virgin Atlantic opened up service to San Francisco, much the same kind of high jinks took place, involving SF’s Mayor and Richard Branson.
    I don’t expect I’ll ever see anything like this (free champagne, etc) on any of my flights on scheduled carriers to and from the Big Island. Too bad!

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