Anti-Trust Laws in Hawaii… Back in the Days

I sent well known Hawaii Blogger Ian Lind the link to this post that was written by Carl Steinhouse because I know his readers are probably more attuned to the Anti-Trust laws here in Hawaii then many of my readers.

I figure I my as well post it here as well, I hope I don’t face any repercussions for doing so as I can’t see why I would for simply pointing out this article.

Thanks to Big Island blogger Damon Tucker for flagging this story told by an attorney who was dispatched to Honolulu just after statehood to enforce federal antitrust laws.

The interlocking directorships of Hawaii’s Big Five companies were easy pickings, even for the inexperienced antitrust team, but there’s more to the story.

Thanks, Damon….

Hawaii’s Big Five still have a stronghold on many things here on the Big Island… I won’t be focusing my attention on their wrong doings… but if anyone on the island wants to look more into some of Hawaii’s Big Five that have presence here on the Big Island… feel free to drop me a line.

“Andy Irons Would Scrap” BJ vs. Matt Hughes… The Shirt

I love it… BJ Penn “Represented” in more then one way:

BJ Penn beats Matt Hughes in 21 seconds at UFC 123 wearing a T-Shirt in memory of Andy Irons “A.I.Would Scrap”