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Olympic Wrestler Jeffery Cobb Assists with the Pahoa Wrestling Clinic & Take Down Event

Today was the first day of  two days at the Pahoa Wrestling Clinic & Take Down Event sponsored by the the Hawai’i County Community Policing, Pahoa High and Intermediate School, Hawai’i County Prosecutor’s Office, Hawaii County Parks and Recreation, and Pahoa Weed and Seed Projects Youth Empowerment Services.

2004 Olympic Wrestler Jeffrey Cobb came to the island to lead today’s training.

2004 Olympic Wrestler Jeff Cobb talks about taking down opponents

Today’s was day one of the a two day clinic that featured wrestlers from all over the Big Island of Hawaii for the first half of the day.

Olympic Wrestler Jeffrey Cobb talks to the students

It was great to see both girls and guys at this event!

Girls participate in the Pahoa Take Down Tournament as Well

I really enjoyed seeing so many different athletes from so many different schools coming together for this event!

Group "Props"

Today was a clinic from 9:30 till about 1:30… and then they had a short presentation on Health & Wellenss as well as Family Education on Drug Prevention.

You are what you eat

I was a wrestler myself back in the days and even during college when I was living in the dorms at UH Hilo… I served as an assistant at Waiakea for a year.  Wrestling has always been in my blood and I was stoked to see Olympic Wrestler Jeffrey Cobb… Was also addicted to social media… LOL… (Caught you)

Even the best find it hard to get away from social media at times as former Olympic Wrestler Cobb pecks away at his phone.

BJ Penn KO’s Matt Hughes in 21 Seconds at UFC 123

B.J. Penn made frighteningly short work of Matt Hughes at UFC 123. He demolished the former welterweight champ in 0:21 of the first round with a hard right hand followed up by a brutal series of punches from the top

More here: UFC 123 Results

Roger Christie Speaks Out on High Times Article

I mentioned the other day that Allen St. Pierre, the Executive Director of NORML, slammed Roger Christie in an article in the recent High Times Magazine.

Here is Roger Christie’s response to that article according to Cannabis Culture:

1.) Why I live and breathe and work and fight for sacramental Cannabis is because it’s MY TRUTH. My truth leads me to my actions in this big and important part of my life. I knew the risk of being public with my sacramental use. I remain steadfast in my personal and professional spiritual/religious convictions.

2.) a. I’m not a “self-styled Minister”, I was trained and lived as a Practitioner in Religious Science for six years. Then I joined the Religion of Jesus Church in Hawai’i, a church that has multiple stipulations from Hawaii State courts as being “bona fide” where its members were “sincere in their use of marijuana as a sacrament”. Hawaii v. Shields, and Hawaii v. Adler, etc.

b. After being a member of the Religion of Jesus Church for seven years I was ordained as a Minister to further the mission and the teachings. I created the THC Ministry as a non-demoninational organization according to my evolving personal spirituality.

c. My ordainment was legal enough for the State of Hawaii to license me for life specifically as a “Cannabis sacrament” Minister to perform the marriage ceremony. It’s the first such designation in the USA that I’m aware of, and that state recognition effectively legitimized my ordainment and my mission.

d. As a Minister I perform legal weddings, conduct baptisms, funerals, and offer counseling and communion fellowship with members. Try performing a funeral for three hundred people in a large family ohana in Hawai’i and then tell me you’re not a real Minister.

3.) a. I sought recognition (Declaratory Relief and Permanent Injunction) in the US Federal Courts in 2004 when I told them in writing that I operated a therapeutic Cannabis Ministry requiring large amounts of Cannabis in order to make the holy anointing oil and tinctures, etc. I didn’t ask their permission, as the Creator gave me the right to do this. I asked that they respect my Ministry rights according to the letter and spirit of the Constitution and the law. They let me operate for over four happy years after that constructive notice with zero investigation on their part.

b. I feel I’m in a better position now because I’m not asking for anything from the prohibitionist US government except a fair trial with a jury of my peers to decide if I’m guilty or innocent of the charges against me beyond a reasonable doubt. Could I win? Of course I could! What would that look like? Immunity from prosecution to operate the THC Ministry.

I’m putting my faith and my life in the hands of the jury system of the USA to nullify the charges against me. See www.fija.org for details.

4.) I only know of one other person in jail in the THC Ministry. This member of ours lost his case because the Judge refused to hear his religious defense. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth was NOT allowed to be heard in that court.

All the best to everyone!
Roger Christie, Founder
THC Ministry

You can see the full article here: Imprisoned Religious Cannabis Minister Roger Christie Responds to NORML.