A Week Ago Today… I Witnessed Death and It Has Been Ruled a “Possible” Suicide

A week ago today, I witnessed death in Waikiki from a man possibly committing suicide from a high rise in Waikiki (note this is what the police have classified it now and not my speculation).

I know this still leaves a lot of unanswered questions!

I’ve been very traumatized by this and I’m slowly getting over it… Including taking melatonin a few nights to help me sleep.

I haven’t felt like blogging much nor doing much things online as I keep having flashbacks of that fateful night.

I know it’s tough on the family of the guy from Sonoma, California and they are searching for answers just as I am.

From what I have learned so far, is that the guys death has been classified as a suicide.

Here are the exact words from my source:

“… foul play has already been ruled out of that investigation. An autopsy has already been done, and he died of multiple injuries from the fall.

Typically we don’t cover possible suicides, out of respect for the victim and their family. We only make exceptions when it is done in a very public area, if it disrupts the public (like stopping up freeway traffic), and to assist people who were in that immediate area with information so they know it was nothing nefarious.

But unless the investigation flips and there is foul play suspected, we won’t be following up with a story. It’s unlikely that we would even run his name…”

And my source went on with some words to help me sleep that had nothing to do with this.

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