Another Serious Highway 130 Wreck

Today’s wreck happened at 3:40 pm at the corner of Paradise Drive and Highway 130.

As you can see… two cars were involved and it looked like there were at least two serious injuries.

They really need to something soon with this Highway.

This wreck totally could have been avoided with a better intersection here.

I should get hazard pay for just having to spend so much time on Highway 130!

4 Responses

  1. This wreck totally could have been avoided with a better intersection here.
    its the drivers. not the roads. two cars hit each other. a road doesn’t suddenly raise up or change stripes to fool a driver. Speed and inattention is the cause. Slow down people.

  2. I came along (from Keaau direction) just as the EMT’s were moving a person on a stretcher from the maroon van to the ambulance.

    Any idea what happened? Looks like one of the vehicles was trying to make a (left?) turn into Paradise.

    • I came along from Keaau direction as well, right after the accident, but before police or fire department was there and just as one of the victims was pulling himself out of the truck (Younger gentleman between 20 and 30 years old) so I didn’t see what happened nor did I try and determine exactly what happened.

      To me it looked liked both cars may have been turning into Paradise at the same time from different directions and they both swerved the same direction to avoid each other. But I can’t tell for sure and I’m certainly no expert in these things.

  3. When I was driving down 130 on the way to the SPACE famers market last Saturday it looked like a car had gone down an embankment betweek Keaau and Paradise Park…traffic was backed up both ways while a huge jerry-rigged truck tried to pull it up…

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