7th Annual Kea’au Lighted Christmas Parade Still Accepting Entrants

The 7th Annual Keaau Lighted Christmas Parade will be held on Saturday, December 11, at 5:30 in Keaau.

The deadline for entrants for the Parade is Saturday, November 13th.  If you need an application for the parade, please email lehua82 @ hotmail.com (no spaces and indicate Christmas Parade in the subject line) or you can pick one up at Kea’au Village Market at the main office or at Bread-Box Kea’au.


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  1. Thank you for posting. We were all wondering when the parade was. Please let people know no parking on the dirt construction/demolition clearing area on Keaau Pahoa Rd.

  2. Aloha
    I sent a message to Lehua and it came back to me.. Is it possible to still enter the parade?? I sure hope so.

    • I will ask the Parade organizer and get back to you at your email you left. *Update* I just noticed that the email was incorrect in this post and I have corrected it to the current email that I received.

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