Wild Waikiki Halloween Ends in Mans Death From Fall From High Rise

So this year I was in Waikiki again for Halloween and I took over 180 + pictures.

I was going back and forth from my room at the Waikiki Resort Hotel (note he did not fall from here) to the main strip (Kalakaua Ave.) on and off throughout the night.

Just as I was heading back to my room around 2:00 am… I heard a loud “BANG”. I then heard a scream and looked down at the ground and there was this person that was laid out on the ground with his brains splattered across the sidewalk.

The body is covered in yellow

I won’t gross you folks out and show you any of the closer pictures out of respect for the person’s family and the fact that it hasn’t made the news yet.

*Update the Starbulletin has reported the following:

A 20-year-old unconscious man found in the driveway of a Waikiki condominium with multiple injuries from a fall died early this morning.

Police said the man was pronounced dead at about 2:16 a.m. today.

Police said there were no signs of foul play.

The Medical Examiner’s Office has not yet identified the man, and the manner of his death has been deferred.

He died of multiple internal injuries due to a fall from a height, the Medical Examiner’s Office found.

You can click on the pictures below to see more Halloween pictures.

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  1. We are praying for his soul, and for his grieving family….I am sorry you had to witness this traumatic death. Thank you for the fact that you only showed the distant picture of his covered body. May you also find peace.

  2. I had no idea a suicide was the ultimate cause
    Its weird how it says it nowhere on San Francisco news.
    Im sorry to go off on you.
    its just been so unsolved for a lot of people

  3. I dont mean to offend.
    I had no idea a suicide had been classified. It says no where.
    So I can thank you for that.

  4. I also DO NOT need to know that you took worse pictures.
    Dont take pictures
    They have a specialized team for that.

    • Well the specialized team wasn’t there until nearly 15-30 minutes after I was there… and at first we thought it was a gunshot murder so I was taking picture of “possible” suspects more then anything!

      Had he been shot and one of those pictures lead to his possible killer… I bet you would be thanking me for it.

  5. to the guy who said that he doesnt understand why people are ragging on him..
    because this boy had a family. a HUGE family, a HUGE amount of friends and this has been the only thing to pop up about it.
    Its not about the picture..seriously?
    its about the descriptions.
    i dont need to read “gore” and “grotesque” its bad enough thinking that my friend died to tragically. we do not need to know that “the gore made it hard to identify if it was a man or woman”
    Way to be insensitive.
    If you have a blog, by an AP styles book and learn on how to treat deaths dude.
    it called being politically correct for the people that have lost someone close to them
    So not hard to understand that. We are sitting here each day with NO inclination of how he died, and what caused it…

    • “…We are sitting here each day with NO inclination of how he died, and what caused it..”

      From my understanding the police have classified it as a suicide.

      I am still seeking answers myself and if I get them… I guess I will just keep them to myself if I find out what really happened, since you don’t want to know what happened from me. Or you don’t want to know the truth.

      I suggest you quit reading this post if it bothers you so much. If I find out any more further information on what happened… I won’t be “Updating” this post. I will simply write a new post about what I have since learned.

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