Using an ATM card in Vegas is Costly!

Yes so I admit… I’m a Vegas loser so far! The best thing about it… is my debit card only allows me to lose $400 per day.

I went to get more cash out and my bank said “nope not today” :roll:

Well to be fair… it wasn’t all spent on gambling as I got hit with an unexpected $25.00 Luggage fee from Hawaiian Airlines (X2) and then another $43.68 for for early check-in and “resort fees” … food, shuttle fare, TIPS… everything adds up.

Hopefully my experiences here will lead to more opportunities in the future.

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  1. Let’s hope what “stays in Vegas” wasn’t your card.

    Here is a new peppy 1-minute video giving people advice on frugality and the responsible use of debit, ATM and credit cards.

    “Card Tricks Revealed: How Not To Burn Money”

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