What Happens in Vegas, You Will See on My Blog… Eventually!

So I’m heading off to Las Vegas for a “Workation“.  I’m happy to be leaving Hawaii during the last few days leading up to the election day as I can totally ignore things for a while and just return and cast my vote.

Politics is nasty and I haven’t enjoyed folks thinking that because I’m a blogger… that I have influence on politics.

I’ll be updating this site from Vegas during the next few days and bringing up my twitter feed to the top right of this site so those that want to “follow” me closer can.

Blogging from abroad and from my phone… I will begin this journey.

Once I return to Hawaii on Thursday… I’ll be on Oahu for a few days doing a couple things over there.

And to my wife… I left the credit card at home and I love you and thanks for supporting me on my journeys and work!  :wink:

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