Bed Bug “Bed Moat” to be Featured at National Pest Management Show in Honolulu Next Week

Media Release:

North Americans are very anxious about the spread of bed bugs into their homes, workplaces and schools. Only one bed bug, a pregnant female, is all that is needed to cause an infestation. Waiting until the remnants of a blood meal are on a sheet or pillow is not necessary to know that professional help is needed.

The cost of bed bug treatments can soar depending on the amount of bugs present and may get to a point where teams of professionals and many thousands of dollars are needed to control the problem.

Using a simple monitor is a cost effective solution. A new product, just launched at the Chicago Bed Bug Summit in September, 2010 called The Bed Moat is an early warning or monitor that let’s one know that bed bugs are present. The Bed Moat fits under the leg of a bed and captures bed bugs entering for a blood meal. This monitor will also catch bed bugs exiting after feeding. The Bed Moat captures bugs in its hyper polished moat. This type of monitor is extremely cost effective in numerous places including homes, dormitories, apartments, hotels, and club houses. Using a passive monitor is excellent in keeping a pest control company in check as once a location has been treated, a simple monitor, The Bed Moat, keeps guard if any bed bugs were missed during the treatment. One of the most frequent calls to a pest control company is for bed bugs. Most charge to come out for an inspection and using a dog for this initial step can cost $300.00 or more. Knowing one has bed bugs can reduce this initial cost, to approximately $20.00 per bed and will notify if further treatments are needed before an infestation is present.

Good advice is to make the bed an island, leaving a bed bug’s only passage to the blood meal (YOU!) through The Bed Moat monitor. The Bed Moat will trap any bed bugs that want to take this journey but unknowingly this trip becomes a travel of death. The use of mattress encasements is also highly recommended, giving one a sound sleep after dealing with this scourge.

Designed and developed in partnership by: David Smorenburg and licensed pest control operators, Daniel Mackie and Sandy Costa. The Bed Moat will be featured at PestWorld at the National Pest Management Association show in Honolulu, Hawaii October 20-23, 2011.

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