UH Law School Employee “High on Drugs When Defending Accused Drug Traffickers”

Well I wonder when UH will pick up on this or if they know about it and still hired the buggah?

…Local 12’s Deborah Dixon tells us what Lawson had to say from Hawaii, where he lives and works.

Ken Lawson, the once-powerful attorney whose faded image is still a mural on Liberty Street, claimed to represent the underdog. It turned out, he was high on drugs for years while doing that…

…Lawson gave a deposition from his home in Hawaii, and said he did Percocet and cocaine in 2004, was under the influence 24 hours a day, and regrets defending Ford high, but Lawson said, he still thought he was effective. After all, Lawson said, 2004 wasn’t as bad as 2005 and 2006 when all he thought about was getting pills and how long they would last. Ford is asking for a new trial, with a new lawyer…

In his deposition, Lawson said he now works for the Innocence Project at the University of Hawaii’s School of Law.

More here: Ken Lawson Admits Being High During Trial

and even more here: Ken Lawson Sentenced to Two Years

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