Long Days… and Whoops I Forgot Todays Highway 130 Meeting

Well I’m not a guy that makes excuses too often.  I believe excuses are used for lack of planning and/or just being stupid.

Tonight I missed the Highway 130 meeting and I was just being plain old stupid.

So with my admission of my stupidity I’d like to say why I forgot tonights meeting.

1. My Dept. of Commerce computer crapped out on me this weekend and I spent all weekend stressing on that and then today I was told I needed to  get my laptop to Fed Ex  ASAP.

2. On my way back home from doing that… I stopped off at Pahoa Post Office and had a minor fender bender.

3. After the minor fender bender and spending a long time on hold with insurance companies… My brain was whopped.

Just now I realized I missed tonights Highway 130 meeting.

So be it… it’s not like they are listening to us members of the KPAG group anyway.

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  1. Missed you at the meeting Monday evening.
    Sounds like life had dealt you enough challenges already for that day… :)
    Actually, a bit to my own surprise, I was not so very disappointed in the ‘Preferred Alternative’ HDOT laid out.
    Thanks for you diligence on KPAG thus far; I think there will be another meeting in the future.

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