Long Days… and Whoops I Forgot Todays Highway 130 Meeting

Well I’m not a guy that makes excuses too often.  I believe excuses are used for lack of planning and/or just being stupid.

Tonight I missed the Highway 130 meeting and I was just being plain old stupid.

So with my admission of my stupidity I’d like to say why I forgot tonights meeting.

1. My Dept. of Commerce computer crapped out on me this weekend and I spent all weekend stressing on that and then today I was told I needed to  get my laptop to Fed Ex  ASAP.

2. On my way back home from doing that… I stopped off at Pahoa Post Office and had a minor fender bender.

3. After the minor fender bender and spending a long time on hold with insurance companies… My brain was whopped.

Just now I realized I missed tonights Highway 130 meeting.

So be it… it’s not like they are listening to us members of the KPAG group anyway.

$29 Tickets to Molokai Now Available on Go!Mokulele Airlines

I just noticed that one of the sponsors of this site, Go! Mokulele Airlines,  is offering an awesome rate to get to Molokai from Oahu and Maui right now!  $29.00 bucks… can you beat that?

New West Hawaii Homeless Shelter Blessed

From the Mayor’s Office:

About 100 people attended the blessing for the first emergency homeless shelter in West Hawai’i, located in the old industrial area and adjacent to the existing Friendly Place service center at 74-5593 Pawai Place in Kailua-Kona.

The new West Hawai’i Emergency Housing Program Facility has a total of 31 beds with separate wings for men and women, and cost $1.77 million. Until now, west Hawai’i did not have an emergency homeless shelter that serves adult single clients.

Funding is being provided by the federal, state and county governments. The largest single source of funding is the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which is providing special project grants of $670,613 and $148,500. Additional funding for the project is being provided through a state appropriation of $453,007, and $500,000 in county construction funding.

Rev. Brian Boshard of Mokuaikaua Church conducted the blessing, which featured U.S. Sen. Daniel K. Inouye and County of Hawaii Mayor Billy Kenoi as featured speakers. Also speaking were Housing Office Administrator Steve Arnett and Carol Ignacio, executive director of the Office for Social Ministry, which will manage the facility though an organization known as Hope Services Inc.

The new facility will enhance the existing “Friendly Place” service center. Each wing will have a bathroom and shower facilities, laundry facilities, common kitchen and meeting areas, and a multipurpose room for classes and meetings. The facility will also have administrative space for the facility operator, and storage space.

The new facility will provide emergency shelter and services to clients to help them stabilize and to encourage self-sufficiency. Clients will be offered employment and housing search assistance, budgeting and life skills training and other classes along with guidance to help them connect with other off-site community resources.

There are just under 1,000 people in Hawai`i County experiencing homelessness. About half of them are homeless individuals who will benefit from this facility.

During the ceremony, special thanks were extended to County Councilman Kelly Greenwell and the Kona Outdoor Circle, who donated thousands of dollars worth of landscaping material and labor to the facility.

I Got in a Wreck! Another Reason Why Senior Citizens Shouldn’t Be Driving

So less then five minutes after I passed this wreck on Highway 130… I got in a little fender bender myself!

I’m a firm believer that many senior citizens should not be driving on the roads and today I affirmed my belief when a senior citizen banged into my car today.

I was asked to move my car closer to the Pahoa Post Office back door to retrieve packages and as I was just almost around the corner… this older gentlemen between at least 70 and 90 years old started to back up.

I honked my horn several times trying to let “uncle” know that he was about to bang me and there was no place I could turn to avoid him and the next thing I know… I see him backing straight into my bumper!

I felt kind of sad for the gentlemen as I know he didn’t do it on purpose.  It doesn’t help that the gentleman had a handicap sticker to park in the handicap stall… HOWEVER, the STALL wasn’t available because it was being re-striped… AGAIN so he was parked illegally in a place that didn’t give him very good visibility when he was backing out as it was.

I’m just fortunate the gentleman had insurance and everything will be taken care of and thankfully no one got  injured.

But still yet… Senior Citizens should be tested every year for hearing, sight and DRIVING ABILITY.  Heck in some cases… some seniors should be tested every month!

With the new design of the parking lot at the Pahoa Post Office and the increased traffic along that road… I’m sure I’m not the last person that will be getting into a fender bender there.

Another Highway 130 Wreck

Of course its at our favorite intersection in front of Woodland Center.