Video of When Hilo Bayfront Gets Wiped Out

This is what can happen to Hilo’s bayfront area during a huge storm surge. The Center for Study of Volcanoes posted this the other day:


In late November 2003, Hilo was hit with huge waves, generated from a storm NE of the islands. This storm remained stationary over a large area, producing 40 – 50 knot winds; it was composed of a low pressure system, with a high pressure system trailing behind. The difference between the two systems created the large winds, and subsequently, the amazing swell which was aimed directly at Hilo Bay. Although this storm was not a hurricane, it illustrates the kind of damage that storm surge from a hurricane can produce. Many residents compared the 2003 damage to the destruction left by tsunami waves, prompting CSAV to produce a video comparing the 2003 storm with tsunami waves. Watch this He’e Nalu video at our Long Videos CSAV channel.

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