Dear Mayor Kenoi… YOUR SHOW SUCKED!

I just got through watching the “This Week With Mayor Kenoi Show” And all I want to say is… that was the biggest joke of county spending I’ve seen in quite a long time.


The opening of the show consisted of this... just this for a few seconds and then bam... Kenoi talking to kids at Desilva Elementary. I'm telling you now... that Phineas and Ferb could create a better title screen ;)


For what it’s worth… the county didn’t need to spend money on equipment… they could have simply become a “Client” of Na Leo O Hawaii… which I’m sure they are now that they are showing programs on the station.

I could have easily produced this show w/ my simple digital camera and my own editing software.  Speaking of which… it doesn’t look like it was really edited at all… just kind of tossed together with no real flow or anything.

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