Mayor Kenoi Paying $5000 a Month for “This Week With Mayor Kenoi” Show

Well I said it last week that I suspected that there was something funny with the Mayor’s new show… and it turns out my gut feeling was right to the tune of $5000.00 a month!

…”It’s not costing taxpayers anything,” Kenoi said at the time. “We’re just trying to get the information out there as to what’s going on in the community.”

Information independently obtained by Stephens Media on Monday, however, refuted that assertion.

When confronted with the new information Tuesday, the Kenoi administration produced a $15,000, 89-day contract signed Oct. 6 with videographer Baron Sekiya, a former West Hawaii Today photographer, who currently runs the website…

So basically Mayor Kenoi has picked up another former newspaper employee and employed him to do basically what his current aides should already know how to do?

I wonder how many times this contract will be extended.  Heck… if it’s extended just for a year… then Baron Sekiya has banked $60,000 of our tax money.  Not bad for someone that basically runs an online website.

I just love the following line:

…Kenoi said he doesn’t consider the project an extra cost to taxpayers because it’s being paid for within the mayor’s office budget.

Does Mayor Kenoi understand that the Mayor’s office budget is funded by the taxpayers?

Also… kind of curious where the Job Announcement for this little gig was?  Oh never mind… He’s the Mayor… he can just create jobs for his cronies at any time he wants… I forgot about that!


This channel is already funded by both Time Warner and money from the STATE LEGISLATURE.  It’s almost like double dipping.  Why should State Funds be used to help Mayor Kenoi’s Show?

If the Mayor is gonna waste $5000.00 a month on just production… he my as well get the channel on a “REAL STATION” that can at least be watched by everyone in the Public.

Why should our money be wasted on something that only a select few people can view?  I know many folks that can’t even afford basic cable right now and don’t even have TV’s.

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  1. i dont agree with the money being spent for a public access channel (he can go down to the studio and do it for free) but at least we know he;s on the island and not hobnobbing on the mainland in fancy hotels
    kenoi’s a crook and as crooked as they come

  2. […] just got through watching the “This Week With Mayor Kenoi Show” And all I want to say… was that was the biggest joke of county spending I’ve […]

  3. It seems like if the mayor has an “extra” twenty one thousand dollars kicking around, he should give it to the food bank.

  4. Damon,
    I think there is a need to have a website designed, just to cover all the corruption, that happens here. Then, maybe, the whisleblowers will come out and expose the officials and we can start the impeachment process and get these good ole boy out.
    There are many other important priorities, that we need to be addressing, instead of this show.
    A friend of mine went to apply for unemployment the other day. They have only one person, who will help 30 people, in the morning, then another 30 in the afternoon. In these difficult economic times, you would think they would hire 2 more employees, at the unemployment office instead of this show, which doesn’t help at all. Politics at it finest..

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