Sarah Palin Calls into Kailua-Kona… “Alaska’s Favorite Whine is I Want to Go to Hawaii”

You know… there are times in life when you just might not want to be endorsed by someone.  On Thursday, October 7th, Sarah Palin called into a Kailua-Kona residence to endorse a couple local candidates.  This sounded like a full on scripted phone call.

I also find it ironic that she states that Alaskans favorite “whine” is that they want to go to Hawaii, when in her biography she states that she didn’t even like the weather on this island during college at UH Hilo

“According to a biography – “Sarah” by Kaylene Johnson – Palin and three friends went to the University of Hawaii at Hilo after graduation from high school in Alaska in 1982. But they left after a few weeks because of the constant rain there, the book said.”


Sarah Palin calls in to Conservatives and Kona Tea Party activists gathered at the home of Charlie and Vickie Bussel , in Kailua-Kona Hawaii , to personally endorse Republican candidates John Willoughby (Hawaii – 2nd U.S. Congressional District) and Scott ‘Hendo’ Henderson (Hawaii State House of Representatives – 7th District)

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